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Digital Marketing Consulting

We help Businesses Run Digital Ad Campaigns

Digital Marketing is tool to grow a business, not a cult. If you feel overwhelmed with buzzwords you aren't alone. We can help. Need know-how and advice? Give us a call. Need someone to function as your marketing team while you grow? Drop us an email. Want to just chat and get a sense of what this is all about? Pick up the phone. We don't bite. 

We help make sense of the details and data so you can accomplish the important stuff. 

Why Digital?

Better targeting. Less expensive to get started. Fantastic scale. And the satisfaction that comes with knowing exactly how effective your ad spend was.  

Our Strengths

Pointlight focuses on consulting and out of house work in digital marketing. This includes ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other Ad networks. We do it well. We focus on what we do well.